soil testing

Landscape Services

Starting in 2014 we are refocusing our services back to golf course and sports field work. Therefore, we are offering only limited testing services on landscape soils.

Particle Size Analysis (ASTM F1632, D422, D4972)

This test will determine the percentage of sand, silt, and clay in a soil, as well as the sand size distribution and textural class. We offer this test to see what you are starting with for soil type, and for comparing soils to specifications. We will make recommendations for soil improvement if we know the application or have specifications.

Organic Matter Content of Soils, and Mixes (ASTM F1647, method A)

Determination of organic matter by weight of soils.

Topsoil Quality Test (ASTM F1647, method A)

The topsoil quality test includes particle size, organic matter content, and nutrient analysis. Interpretations will include comments on the quality of the soil and recommendations for improvement.

Ball Diamond Mix Analysis (ASTM F1632)

Includes a particle size analysis and Munsell color analysis of infield soils, pitcher's mound clays, and warning track materials. Includes interpretation and recommendations.

Hummel & Co. offers several individual tests. See our price list for the complete list of services.